Mobile write-ups, VIP treatment,
mileage-based service menus, and more . . .

It’s WelcomePoint.

It’s WelcomePoint.

We built WelcomePoint to revolutionize your service drive. The drive is the first place you see your customers and the first step on their lifelong relationship with your shop—so you want to make it the best experience possible. With WelcomePoint, you can treat every customer like a VIP and boost efficiency to boot.

WelcomePoint is a cutting-edge mobile write-up solution. Service advisors use tablets to pull up individual information for every motorist on the drive. They greet every customer by name and can view each vehicle’s service history with a simple tap. What better way to say “personalized service” than with vehicle- and mileage-specific menus, reminders, and recall information.

Finish write-ups anywhere and generate upsells.

From the greeting to the write-up, WelcomePoint streamlines the RO creation process. The system’s mobile capabilities make it easy for your advisors to complete write-ups on the go or at their desks. They can add line items with the tap of a finger, and our op-code auto-suggest saves typing time. If your motorists have service recommendations they previously deferred, your advisors can see them on the screen and add them to today’s appointment.

Recapture deferred recommendations and boost your service drive efficiency—all at the same time.

Monitor common maintenance points.

WelcomePoint offers a simple walk-around inspection that allows advisors to check common maintenance items, like tires and brakes, right on the service drive. And with the camera on the tablet, advisors can take pictures of any nicks, dings, or scratches before the vehicle enters the shop, so both you and the customer can see its previous condition.

No more arguments over whether a scratch was already there or not.

Keep your customers in the know.

Once your service advisor completes the write-up, WelcomePoint will automatically send a summary email to your customers, so everyone stays in the loop. Customers know exactly what to expect from their appointment, and will be more likely to approve your service recommendations.

Roll out the red carpet for your customers and keep your advisors moving. Call 866.689.0578 to see how you can get WelcomePoint for your dealership.

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