Get more service approvals
with OwnerCare.

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How many times per day do your advisors hear the phrases “not today,” or “I can’t afford that right now.” Don’t you wish you had a tool that could stop those words in their tracks?

Now you do.

As a web-based application, OwnerCare works to win you more service approvals and keep your techs turning wrenches. OwnerCare informs, empowers, and enables your customers to sign off on the services they need and keep the work in your shop.

Send reports through text or email.

OwnerCare enables your advisors to deliver inspection results with a single click. Customers instantly receive their inspection reports through text or email, where your recommendations are paired with educational videos and articles that empower customers to make informed decisions.

With all the information right in the customers’ hands, they approve more services and get your techs back to work faster.

Say goodbye to phone tag.

Where before your service advisors might have to place several calls to explain recommendations to your customers and wait hours to hear back, now, they can get fast approval in minutes. Customers can view OwnerCare reports anywhere, anytime so your advisors can skip the phone call. Approvals are sent electronically and safely recorded in a digital log.

Don’t settle for deferrals.

Set up a demo to see what OwnerCare can do for your shop and get more “yes.”

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