Never let a call go unanswered again.


On a typical day in the dealership, missed calls (due to high call volume, high foot traffic, or simply not being open when customers call) add up.

In fact, a recent study of 8,537 overflow and after-hours service-related calls across 172 dealerships found that 89% of after-hours callers and 90% of overflow callers are comprised of a dealership’s best and most promising customers. These customers together represent 90% of dealerships’ service dollars, which are missed if a call management system is not in place.

MasterCall was created to combat just such a costly problem.

As a complete set of compliant inbound and outbound customer contact management solutions, MasterCall provides a flexible, scalable and affordable set of solutions that provides dealers with the service they need to succeed. With over 15 years of automotive call-center experience, we know how to talk to your customers.

Set more appointments. Drive more sales.

Using the most current technologies, our flexible inbound live answer process ensures that all incoming calls are answered 24/7. We also drive business with outbound call campaigns using the best-in-class processes and technology to maximize contact rates.

All calls utilize interactive and reciprocal conversations instead of impersonal scripts, and our continuous quality control management via voice logging technology allows dealers to rest assured that all calls will be held to the highest standard of courtesy and professionalism. We deliver calling compliance and give access to real-time reports and dashboard metrics via our Red Rocket Technologies Platform.

MasterCall services include: inbound appointment setting, inbound overflow/backstop call handling, outbound sales & service calls, timely and accurate web-based reporting, innovative voice logging technology with real time call recordings, and recorded calls available in real time for review. 

Set more appointments, establish more hot leads…and so much more!

Inbound service appointment setting.


As the premier solution for dealers who demand total operational excellence, MasterCall offers dealers the best of both worlds: A solid foundation of compliant outbound sales and service lead generation calls, as well as our complete inbound service appointment setting call solution.

Inbound Service Appointment Setting means that all service calls are consistently answered, appointments are set and inquiries are handled, regardless of call volume, so that every customer has a great experience. All inbound service calls handled consistently and effectively every time so you can set more appointments, manage daily spikes in volume, track and report on inbound service appointment calls, and improve the customer experience!

24-hour backstop.


Nothing frustrates customers more than when they call a dealership only to go unanswered, be put on a lengthy hold, be transferred around the dealership or worst of all, to have their call dropped. Sound familiar?

With Backstop Call Handling, our customer center professionals will answer inbound calls according to your schedule; managing calls that come in outside of business hours and during high-volume times when your operators are busy. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure your customers are well attended.

Outbound call campaigns.


Each campaign is customized to meet your specific business needs.

Sales Calls

Unsold Follow Up, Lease Renewal, Internet Prospect, Targeted Sales Opportunities, Vehicle Buy Back, Appraise Trade, Lower APR, Lower Payment, CSI

Service Calls

First Appointment, Declined Services, Lost Customer, No Show Appointment Follow Up, Recall Notification, Missed Major Service, CSI: MasterCall

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