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The Next Wave of the Dealer Mobile App Revolution is Here!

DMEautomotive is dedicated to working ahead of the curve, fusing our shared passions of automotive, art and marketing science to deliver the highest quality products available to solve the hardest automotive marketing problems for dealers and OEMs alike. Driver Connect, like every innovation we deliver, embodies this core commitment.

Driver Connect - Dealer Branded Mobile App

Our dealer mobile app, Driver Connect, delivers the premier mobile experience in its most advanced form with a powerful marketing platform that drives sales, retention and loyalty for auto dealers. From the beginning the dealership app was designed with the customer to dealer relationship in mind, and the release of Driver Connect takes this relationship to new heights, providing dealers with a more powerful mobile marketing platform, while further engaging customers within the new clean and streamlined interface of the app, bringing real-time, immediate marketing and deeper, customizable content to its app experience.

Why Does Your Dealership Need a Mobile App?

Features Tailored to the Dealership.

Keeps consumers servicing and buying

Driver Connect brings one of a kind, user-friendly functionality not currently offered by any other dealership app. Where Driver Connect 1.0 captured the technology and back-end requirements that make up a successful dealer mobile app, Driver Connect substantially enhances the dealer-consumer relationship by offering a superior set of tools and features along with an enhanced customer experience with a unique streamlined layout - giving the customer easy access to more features and tools without the ‘digging’ that other dealer mobile apps require.

Dealer Mobile App
  • Easy Account Creation: With the new automated vehicle detection account creation, the app pulls the customer’s vehicle information straight from the dealer’s DMS. No VIN scanning or typing - Setting up an account is as easy as one tap!
  • Enhanced Vehicle Inventory Aggregation: With the customer searching under every rooftop of the same dealer group at the same time, dealers have the advantage, keeping the customer within their brand instead of straying to a competitor in search of their perfect vehicle.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Inventory Details: This allows the dealer to include as much, or as little, detail as they want about each vehicle in the store inventory. From 4-dr to antilock brakes to leather seats and a sunroof…the dealer decides what information is included!
  • Enhanced Vehicle Specials: Now vehicle specials can be tied to a specific vehicle (i.e. Stock #123ABC) or class of vehicles (i.e. all Lexus IS 250s in inventory). With the simple tap of a finger, the customer is brought to the vehicle details page for that specific car or class of car. All of this puts the dealer’s customer one step closer to purchase!
  • Native Tablet Support: Reach more customers in more places. Now customers can download the app to an iPhone, iPad Classic, iPad Mini and the Samsung Galaxy.
  • ...and more!

Keep Customers Hooked!

Valuable Consumer Tools

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