Certified Pre-Owned Inspection

You put a lot of work into certified pre-owned cars

You clean them, inspect them, and refurbish them to the highest standards. With such a big investment, you want to get the most you can back for your money.

AutoPoint’s Certified Pre-Owned solution lets you capitalize on every used vehicle you sell. The better you can explain each vehicle’s condition and inspection process to prospective buyers, the more valuable your inventory becomes. We make the customer education process easy.

Certified Pre-Owned simplifies your service process and creates Vehicle Condition Reports prospective buyers can easily understand. With AutoPoint CPO, we’ve streamlined every aspect of the service process for pre-owned vehicles.

One Platform, Total History Reports

You want to know as much as you can about each pre-owned vehicle you buy. But running vehicle history reports across multiple platforms slows you down. AutoPoint’s Certified Pre-Owned solution keeps them all in one place. You can generate both CarFax and AutoCheck vehicle history reports—together in the same platform.

Eligibility Information—Instantly

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Certified Pre-Owned instantly checks OEM eligibility for you. The AutoPoint system takes into account franchise, age, and mileage restrictions to give you quick, manufacturer-specific information.

AutoPoint’s CPO also supports both OEM and KBB certified pre-owned inspections, so you don’t have to worry about customizing your regular inspection process. It’s already done.

AutoTrader.com Compatibility

Once the work is finished and the pre-owned vehicle is ready to sell, Certified Pre-Owned brings in buyers. Post the professional vehicle condition report directly onto AutoTrader.com and your customers will see inspection results pinpoint-mapped on a color-correct stock image of the vehicle. They’ll see every service you performed and every detail they need to know.

You’ll empower and educate your motorists without lifting a finger yourself.

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