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We find the formula for marketing success, one massive study at a time.

While we provide a variety of game-changing marketing products and services to our clients, we also perform ongoing direct customer research that provides us with up-to-the-moment information about your customers and their preferences. We publish our findings and the best practices that result from them, supplying the information that propels automotive marketing into the future.

Marketing Success in a Changing Loyalty Landscape

Loyalty programs are not just for loyalists: Over 25% of “swing loyalists” and disloyalists would participate. Communicate! Most customers want to hear from service providers AT LEAST once every 3 months, including 70%+ of dealer and aftermarket chain loyalists


The Changing Service Loyalty Landscape

“The Changing Service Loyalty Landscape” is the most comprehensive study of the auto service market and shopper to date. The overarching picture that emerges is one of a hyper-competitive market in serious flux, marked by a low rate (23%) of loyal auto service customers. Numerous findings will bust key industry myths.


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