You finish a service appointment and the motorist leaves happy.

You delivered a positive experience, so they’ll definitely come back, right? Not necessarily.

You can’t rely on good customer service as your only retention strategy. Temporary discounts, persuasive ads, and chain store quick service lanes lure motorists away every day, and your shop loses revenue and opportunities as a result.

When it comes to customer retention, we don’t leave anything to chance. RetentionPoint works to recapture deferred recommendations and bring your customers back, time after time. And it keeps you informed throughout the process with totally transparent reporting and analytics.

Connect with Your Customers

RetentionPoint Live uses a combination of email reminders and calls from live people to connect with your customers at key points after their service appointments. Motorists can’t always approve every recommendation you make. It’s RetentionPoint’s job to bring them back for those deferred services.

Reach Out Electronically

Saying thank you is only polite. With RetentionPoint, every customer, regardless of whether or not they deferred services, gets a thank you email after their appointment. Show your customers you care.

After the thank you, the real campaign begins. Within two months after their initial appointment, customers who deferred services will receive up to four emails at crucial reminder points. The emails work to educate customers about the services and entice them back to your shop so you can finish the job.

Follow Up with Live Calls

We follow up the reminder emails with up to two live phone calls from real people. Our in-house RetentionPoint team calls your customers and schedules appointments right there on the phone, and we report any issues or roadblocks immediately back to you. Tackle problems head on and turn one-timers into regulars.

Check Your Progress

With RetentionPoint, you get access to our Customer Interaction Center. We record every call we make and take notes on every question we ask—and you can see it all gathered in one place. Listen to the calls and check the response rate to specific questions we ask.

The Customer Interaction Center is your control room for the entire RetentionPoint process. We keep you at the wheel the whole way.

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