Red Rocket

The AutoPoint Advantage

The Power of Continuous, Relentless Investments in Technology

As the engine powering our omni-channel marketing programs, Red Rocket effortlessly manages terabytes of customer data as it applies complex business logic, proprietary predictive algorithms, and powerful creative produced by fusing art with science. All the while, it maintains total transparency through extraordinary campaign reporting –and backed by the most distinct, passionate and genius team of in-dealership and phone based professionals anywhere.

My Marketplace Analytics

With the most powerful suite of reports and analytics available, My Marketplace Analytics gives you insights, information, and statistics about your operating marketplace and your competitors. 
It provides insightful information that will lead to better decision-making and more opportunities both inside and outside the marketplace. This helps dealers make more effective marketing decisions both for the owner base and conquest opportunities.
Easily view your share of the market compared against your competition.
View the market's top selling models so you can make better decisions on what vehicles to advertise.
Compare what your market's top selling models are, versus what you're selling, to quickly align your marketing campaigns with what sells. Compare the total sales and lease numbers of "same make" competitors in your market.
Compare your store against your top 5 competitors based on what models you're selling.
The market share Power Maps allow you to locate the vehicle types you're looking to conquest, which makes it easy to locate orphan customers so that you can acquire new business.

Data Analytics & Modeling

With the experience, tools and dedicated staff required to build and deploy predictive models for automotive marketing programs, our models have helped our clients identify the most productive customer segments and ultimately increase their return on investment.

STEP #1 Red Rocket gathers important information, like industry trends, consumer purchasing behaviors and behavioral trends, from your marketing programs.

Step #2 A trained team of data analysts review and analyze the data.

Step #3 AutoPoint's marketing specialists use this knowledge to recommend program enhancements that will improve your marketing response and customer retention.

The Value of Analytics

Daily automotive and consumer record feeds, combined with our data management expertise and meticulous attention to detail, make the Red Rocket Platform your one source for sales and service marketing lists, reports and analytics.

Short-term (response rate, spend per response).
Continue to enhance and improve the performance of your marketing program.
Long-term (service conversion and retention, vehicle repurchase, parts and service category penetration).
Recognize and manage high value customers differently.
Better align marketing investment with economic opportunity.


Bringing superior marketing reports and analytics, we create excellence in reporting combined with transparency and ease of use that is unparalleled in the industry.

Marketing Technologies
Real time reporting on all your marketing activity
All reports support drill down, roll-over and pop-up window capabilities
Easily subscribe and have your favorite reports automatically generated and emailed to you
A centralized data platform promotes efficiency and compliance
Dashboard reports make it easy to see your latest results

Your Marketing Planner calendar gives you valuable information on this month's campaigns, as well as suggestions for next month's campaigns - all with one-click access to our on-demand marketing tool, MarketNOW.

Power Maps

Our Power Maps give you a geographical view of your overall marketing results, best responding zip codes and how many units you have in operation per zip code. By instantly knowing where your customers are coming from we can take the guesswork out of analyzing your local market and use geography to more effectively target your marketing campaigns.

You Can View Statistics Per Zip Code, including
Response rate by campaign type
Number of total contacts
Customer contact methods (mail, email, live call, voice broadcast, text)
Total units in operation (sales, service or both)

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