Nationwide Auto Titling

If your staff needs to register an out-of-state vehicle, they have to deal with all the regular tedium of analog registration processes, and they have to guess on exact taxes and fees and deal with unfamiliar out-of-state government agencies.

That is, unless our Nationwide Auto Titling solution does the work for you.

Nationwide Auto Titling eliminates the guesswork. Your staff will always know the exact taxes and fees to collect, they’ll be able to print off pre-populated DMV forms, and they can rest assured that they have all the necessary documents for the customer’s out-of-state registration.

Web-based system

With everything stored safely in the cloud, your staff will never have to download software or worry about updates. We give you full access to digital registration tools, all through the Web.

F&I laser forms

Dot-matrix printing is expensive. We provide all the DMV documents you need, pre-populated and ready to print on a laser printer. No more alignment issues, and you’ll save money, to boot.

Fee Calculator

Nationwide Auto Titling calculates the exact taxes and fees to collect right at the point of sale. Your staff never has to issue a refund check again, and they’ll save time, too.

DMS Integration

Our Nationwide Auto Titling solution instantly integrates with all the leading DMS platforms. Your staff can instantly transmit information from our system to your DMS and back again.

Faqs and Tips

Below you’ll find answers to some of the more common questions we receive from customers. Also, here are some tips on how to optimize your time spent using TitleTec. As always, if you are stuck and need assistance, you can reach our live customer service department at (800)689-0578.

Common Questions

What is NAT?

Nationwide Auto Titling is a web-based solution that generates the needed DMV forms and calculates all the necessary fees and taxes to be collected at the point-of-sale for each and every state. NAT is not connected live with any state; therefore the dealer is responsible for the completion of the title and registration.

What does Full Deal mean?

This will provide a fee calculation and all documentation required to complete the transaction.

What does Fee Calc only mean?

This will provide the dealer with only the fees required to collect from the customer.

Will Nationwide Auto Titling be able to issue out-of-state license plates?

No, Nationwide Auto Titling will provide the necessary information and documentation to secure the customer’s Title and Registration.

What does PTA mean?

Private Tag Agency. Private tag agencies process title and registration for an additional fee. PTA’s are usually partnered with the state which allows the processing of motor vehicle transactions.

Does Nationwide Auto Titling calculate lease transactions?

Currently no but we are working on adding it to our system.


Getting Started

At the main screen, you will select the state in which the vehicle will be registered. Once the registration state is chosen, select the dealer located on the left panel of the screen. After that is completed, a deal number must be entered. The deal number will pull information that is in the dealer DMS system. If DMS integration is not available, enter a deal number associated with the deal. (e.g. stock number or last 6 of VIN)

Loading deal data

To enter a deal that has already been created; go to the “Search” option located at the top of the screen in the gray area. Once selected, enter either the Deal ID or Deal Number into the necessary field and click Search. This will allow you to load a deal already saved or completed.

Areas marked in red

When entering information into the system, the fields outlined in red are fields required in order to calculate fees. The other fields are not required for a fee calculation; they are used to populate information onto eForms.

Form completion

Once inside the deal, you will see red boxes located under the menu bar on the left side of the screen. The red boxes indicate that required fields are missing. If the box is checked green, all the required information has been entered for that particular tab. The deal cannot be completed until all boxes are checked green.

Navigating TitleTec

To move to the next tab, you can either click “Next” located on the bottom of the screen or you can click on the tab located under the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen.

DMV Location

The “Guide Contact Information” section on the Registration tab will pull the closest DMV location to the customer based on the county and city information provided within the deal.

Updating a completed deal

If changes are made to a deal once it has been completed, you must go to the Registration tab to calculate the fees again for the information to update.

Credit card payments

When completing a Credit Card Payment, go to the Billing tab located at the top of the screen. All red fields must be completed.

E-check payments

When completing an E-Check payment, go to the Billing tab located at the top of the screen. All fields must be completed If information such as the VIN or Registration State is entered incorrectly once a Full Deal or Fee Calc Only has been created, must create a new deal.

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