You run a top-tier department

You have expert technicians, experienced service advisors, and a fast parts staff. But then again, so does nearly everyone else. What sets you apart? What unites all the best aspects of your service department into one exceptional whole?

MultiPoint does.

MultiPoint is a total shop efficiency system that will keep your techs turning wrenches and your customers coming back. Every part of the solution works together to keep your shop running on a level you never thought possible, and it starts with the inspection.


By now, most dealerships know they need a solid multipoint inspection for every vehicle on every visit. AutoPoint’s Inspections tool pioneered the electronic inspection process and made that level of consistency possible.

Messy paper checklists and inconsistent processes are part of the past. Inspections keeps your techs on the same page and churns out reliable results for your customers. And you’ll generate those results faster with Inspections shop-wide communication tools.

Your technicians will enter inspection results and send parts requests with the click of a mouse. Your whole team won’t have to look farther than a screen to know exactly what needs to happen next. No more running around or waiting in long lines at the parts counter.

When you use Inspections, your recommendations are also paired with informative articles and videos that educate customers on why they need the suggested services.

Empower your customers and keep your shop efficient—that sounds like a recipe for service success.

Quick Specs

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Most dealerships are switching to an all-makes service strategy. You need to be able to fix any kind of make that rolls into your shop. But how can your technicians remember every tiny specification for every make and model out there? Quick Specs, that’s how.

Quick Specs is a database of exact specifications for every vehicle make and model. No more guesswork on common maintenance points like fluid levels. Give your customers exactly the right service no matter what vehicle they bring in.


Ever wish your techs were telepathic? Imagine if they could predict what was wrong with a vehicle before they even pop the hood.

SmartTech is the next best thing to a superpower—it’s a database with information we compiled from over 100 million repair orders. Your techs will know the most common fail points for specific vehicles at specific mileages, so they know what to look for before they even begin the inspection.

Faster inspection times, no more missed maintenance points, and more upsell opportunities for your shop.


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Inaccurate estimates are the leading cause of unhappy customers and declined service recommendations. With Estimate, you never have to worry about that.

Estimate generates the right price on the first try, every time. The system uses the prices you set, and the estimate adjusts as you add or remove services, and as motorists approve or defer recommendations.


Transform your old paper route sheets into a real-time status and communication tool. Built on the latest cloud technology, Route tells everyone who touches the vehicle exactly what to do and when. The system also captures information along the way so you can present an accurate estimate to your customer at the end of the visit.


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Notifier lets you know what’s happening in your shop, no matter where you are. The system sends real-time exception report alerts to your phone, email, or to whatever staff members you choose.

Stop shop bottlenecks before they happen, monitor service advisors’ performance, and flag down pencil-whipped inspections.


Photos protects your shop, defends your customers, and supports your service recommendations. The Photos system stores photos of nicks, dings, or scratches your advisors discovered on the service drive. This way, your shop is protected from existing damage to the vehicle, and your customers are protected from damage caused by the shop.

Your technicians can also take photos of failed or cautioned parts on the motorist’s actual vehicle. Present these photos through the OwnerCare app and show your customers exactly why they need specific services.


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You can’t monitor your progress without transparent reporting. Analytics gives you all the information you need to keep your service strategies on track.

With Analytics, you can view productivity results on the AutoPoint Dashboard and compare your current performance to your past metrics. You can also compare your shop to top performer benchmarks we collect from AutoPoint data.

Analytics lets you monitor your shop’s performance and adjust your strategies for maximum effect.

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