Your customers are mobile . . . you can be too!


Introducing a comprehensive mobile marketing suite to keep you ahead of the technological curve. It includes the award-winning Driver Connect mobile app, Dealer Pay’s “tap-to-pay” functionality, Smart Spot—which uses beacon technology, a new Mobile Loyalty program, and Digital Couponing.

Bring the offers your customers want right to them, 24/7. Mobile Complete covers every angle, reaching out to the “always-on” customer and driving sales and service revenue, as well as retention, through the roof!



Tailored to your dealership.

We provide the latest in mobile app technologies.

Designed with the customer-to-dealer relationship in mind, Driver Connect brings one of a kind, user-friendly functionality you won’t find in any other dealership app. Driver Connect offers a superior set of tools and features along with a unique streamlined layout–it gives the customer easy access without the “digging” other dealer mobile apps require.


Recent DMEa research shows that dealership customers who use a dealership-branded mobile app like Driver Connect are 73% more likely to purchase a car, and will spend up to 7% more on that purchase than non-app users.


Recent research also shows that after downloading Driver Connect, dealership customers came in for 25% more service visits and their service visit frequency increased 3.7 times faster than non-app users.



The next-best thing to being right with your customer every time they come close to your lot or competing store. Geo-fencing pings “bring them in and get them spending offers” at that very moment.


Customers can make appointments with tap-of-the-finger, 24/7 convenience.

Service Alerts

Give customers to-the-moment updates on their vehicle including when it’s up on the lift and when it’s ready for pickup. Easy for you, convenient for them.

Loyalty Points

Have a great loyalty program but card-carrying is too inconvenient for your customers? Let them check their points balance anytime, anywhere, on their mobile devices.


Your store, in the palm of your customer’s hand. Showroom gives your customers all the inventory information you want them to have, available for browsing around the clock.

Mobile Wallet

Enables your customers to save all of the great offers you send their way via push-notifications.

Test Drive Scheduling

Nothing makes customers want a new car like getting behind the wheel of one. Through test-drive scheduling on the mobile app, your customers have easy access to this service, bringing them back into your dealership.


Want an app that makes you a vital part of customers’ everyday lives? With an array of tools including a flashlight, a digital parking meter and more, your dealership will always be one tap away.

Additional features:


Service History Tracking


Service Appointment Setting


Map Search and Dealer List Sorting


Loyalty Status & Point/Balance History


Recall Notifications


Kelly Blue Book Car Valuation


Parts & Service Offers and Promotions


Red Rocket Technology Reporting


Bring your customers closer than ever.


Rather than passively posting sales & special offers, imagine sending the best “get-them-spending” deals your dealership has to offer, right to the palms of your customers’ hands!

Couponing means happy customers.

In a recent study, customers using a dealer-branded mobile app list mobile access to coupons and special offers as one of their top three reasons to download the app in the first place. Digital coupons include geo-fencing capabilities that give dealers both an offensive and defensive strategy to build retention.


  • Customers easily add coupons to their mobile wallet
  • Customers present a scan-ready bar code on a mobile phone
  • Dealership personnel scans code to apply deal, then coupon expires at point of sale
  • Mobile punch-cards allow customers to earn punches towards their next big reward


Easily see:

  • How customers are using your coupons
  • Which coupons are used and redeemed
  • Which coupons are working well


  • Completely customize the coupon offer, design, branding, and expiration date
  • Know the exact amount of coupons available to customers at any given time


Bring your customers back TODAY.


Imagine all the great opportunities of a loyalty program without any of the inconvenient paperwork. Customers can check their loyalty points 24/7, at the tap of a screen, driving them back into the dealership to spend, spend, spend!

Targeting the “always-on” customer, Mobile Loyalty is designed to help dealerships capture greater customer attention and increase service retention from the increasingly mobile, increasingly disloyal dealership customer.

Through email and mobile app messaging with push notifications, this program is able to reach customers where they “live,” with reminders of their reward eligibility. New enhancements to Driver Connect enable consumers to easily track loyalty points and receive loyalty rewards from their dealership right where they are increasingly active, on their mobile apps.

  • If Mobile Loyalty is not already installed, customers are provided with step-by-step instructions to download the dealership’s mobile app
  • Customers receive points for dollars spent (sales and service) by their household at the dealership
  • After reaching dealer specified thresholds, customers receive gift certificate that they can claim via the app

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