Nurture + Retain + Recapture = Total Customer Retention


Supported by the best platform in the industry, Journey provides the retention management you need, no more and no less. Our completely scalable marketing powerhouse provides you with robust reports that allow you to look at your marketing results from a campaign perspective, an individual dealer store, or from your dealer group as a whole.

Powered by an industry-leading data hygiene process, we keep your data squeaky clean and error-free. Complete with customer segmentation that breaks your customers into groups based on their likelihood to respond, and a defection defense model that ensures they don’t stray to competitors, Journey keeps customers loyal throughout the vehicle lifecycle and beyond.

Key Strategies


Journey works because it operates with an eye for the big picture. It’s a long-term customer retention solution that keeps you connected with your customer every step of their vehicle ownership journey. Our recommended solution begins with the CORE or the basic services/products that ensure the effectiveness of the Journey program. The CORE solutions include “smart” coupons, email engagement, in-dealership support, behavioral segmentation, Responsive Email Design (RED), the Driver Connect mobile app, and access to the Red Rocket Technology Platform (RRTP).

Service Conversion


Increase your service revenue by capitalizing on customers who just purchased a vehicle from you! These "1st Appointment Calls" increase sales-to-service conversion, while "2nd Service" & "Next Service Appointment Calls" continue the strong service-to-service retention & customer loyalty.



According to Google Analytics, it is 6 – 7 times more expensive to acquire a customer than to keep one. This facet of Journey NXT provides continued focus on building customer loyalty to save on the expense and keep customers coming back.



Once you've established strong, positive relationships with customers, it's crucial to maintain them. This facet of the Journey creates better retention by uncovering more opportunity with these customers.

  • Mid-Interval Communications: With a higher customer response rate and RO than “Minor” reminders, Mid-Interval Communications have an overall response rate of 25% and average customer pay RO of $294.
  • Declined Service Communications: Over 20% of Loyalist customers returned to the Dealership after receiving a Declined Service Communication with an average RO of more than $338

Defection Defense


Maintain the strong connection with your customers and they won't need another dealer. These strategic communications are designed to keep customers loyal before they have the chance to stray to other dealers or to aftermarket providers.



When customers do stray, Journey NXT utilizes these communications that target inactive customers up to 24 months since their last service to bring them back in. When they come back into the dealership, the average reactivation customer spends over $250 per RO.

Sales Conversion


Converting customers who purchase a vehicle from you into customers who service their vehicle with you is vital to increasing vehicle repurchase rates and customer lifetime value.

Buy. Drive. Love. Repeat.

Behavioral Segmentation


Customers aren’t one size fits all, so why would you speak to each one the same way? You can have the perfect timing and use the perfect communication method, but if you don’t understand the psyche of the customer, the battle may be already lost. Accelerate retention by investing in customers most likely to respond.

Journey NXT divides customers into three behavioral targets:

  • Loyalist
  • Swing Loyalist
  • Disloyalist

Through this targeting process, Journey NXT communicates using the right language, the right selling points, and the right offers to engage customers from all three segments, maximizing their spend in your store and minimizing your cost.

Data Hygiene & Compliance


We thoroughly scrub your data to ensure that you get the most for your marketing dollars.

We continually grow and validate all email addresses in your database. All mailing addresses are verified via National Change of Address. Don't offend your customers or risk expensive fees with Federal DNC validation.

Make more effective live calls and build a database for future text messaging by identifying hard line phone numbers versus mobile numbers.

  • Ongoing email appends
  • Bounce test existing emails
  • Validate and manage email opt outs
  • Phone number identification (business vs. residential)
  • Address Identification (business vs. residential)
  • Hard line vs. mobile phone line identification
  • Mailing address validation (National Change of Address)
  • Do Not Call (DNC) list phone number validation
  • All customer data is scrubbed against 12 national data providers monthly

Communication Strategy


Our 20 + years of marketing experience demonstrate that a blended communication approach is the best strategy for achieving maximum response rates and improving the customer experience. The Customer Journey is programmed with our recommended combination of communication channels.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Targeted Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Live Calls (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Text Messaging

On Demand


Imagine creating gorgeous, powerful email and direct mail marketing campaigns from anywhere, at any time, through an online portal. It’s not a fantasy; it’s On Demand. Embracing the 24/7 convenience of self-service marketing with easy-to-use templates created by the pros, On Demand means the messaging you want, how you want it, at the touch of a button!


On Demand enables our clients to create and send custom communications to customers quickly and with ultimate ease. Through On Demand’s incredible user-friendly interface, marketing campaigns can be created, customized, and distributed in minimal time. Direct mail can be dropped in the mail to customers within two business days while email campaigns can be sent within three hours of approval.

Campaigns are created in three simple steps:
  1. Select the desired template, coupons, offers, and pricing
  2. Select DMS criteria and order quantities
  3. Review, schedule and submit order

Everything you need to create a phenomenal marketing campaign is at your fingertips!


Accessible through the Red Rocket portal, On Demand provides a complete database of ready-to-deliver email and direct mail templates to choose from. Select any combination of coupons and special offers (e.g. oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and more), and send them to your customers at the touch of a button.


For optimal performance in On Demand, use the latest version of Google Chrome for your browser. The latest versions plus one version back of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported.

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