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As the time between service maintenance visits continue to increase, and sales-to-service rates continue to decrease, stand-out businesses must pinpoint exactly where their retention is weak, then immediately take action.

Our insights help you spot issues, identify trends and highlight opportunities for improvement with key loyalty and retention metrics.

Through easy-to-use analytics calculated at lightning speed, our insights provides you actionable and detailed business performance reports, giving you the data to make a difference.

The formula for success

AutoPoint has identified the stages of automotive customer loyalty to help you quickly determine your individual formula for success:

  1. Acquire: Ability to capture new service vehicles
  2. Connect: Effectiveness in reaching vehicle owners across marketing channels
  3. Convert: Ability to convert sales vehicles to service vehicles
  4. Retain: Ability to retain service vehicles
  5. Nurture: Ability to drive share of wallet with visits and spend

When you measure each stage separately and understand how they interact, you can better manage customer lifetime value. An improvement in each stage will ultimately lead to an overall increase in loyalty performance, and significant incremental revenue.

Analysis variations

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Our insights provide everything from standardized performance metrics to direct data access and fully customizable analytics for your enterprise. The Insights Analyst provides you with 58 new, web-based reports, offering an invaluable view into loyalty and retention performance unavailable anywhere else.

InSights dashboard.

Includes eight loyalty and retention dashboards offered at no additional cost to all current Journey customers.

  • Purchase-to-service trends
  • Purchase-to-service by vehicle age
  • 12-month service retention trend
  • Service retention by lifecycle stage
  • New service VIN trends
  • New service VINs by vehicle age
  • Connect trends
  • Connect by vehicle age

Tech specs.

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Our insights are easy to use with Tableau® Desktop, or with the use of another OLAP tool at your disposal. Sophisticated data presentation makes even the most complex information easy to understand, and appropriate for sharing.

Choose from a multitude of available templates to format charts and graphs, which can then be combined into Dashboards for at-a-glance referencing, or exported to numerous formats for inclusion in presentations.

Data can be exported to Microsoft® Excel for additional analysis. We provide easy editing with undo, drag and drop functionalities.

Unlike so many others, there is no trade-off for speed vs. accuracy vs. cost. We provide a comprehensive system that performs at lightning speed, with true accuracy, at a reasonable cost.

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