We have taken the vehicle owner care experience and made it exceptional.

AutoPoint was founded in 2003 with the intent to create better tools for dealership service departments. We were a small company that was hungry to innovate and provide our customers with the latest digital solutions to increase productivity and customer retention.

In 2014, our business was transformed – AutoPoint was acquired by Solera Holdings. With Solera’s resources and leadership principles, our once small company has exploded into an industry leader for the fixed operations space.. We are hungry to be the best and with Solera we can be.

Guiding Principles

Think 80/20

Encourages managers and associates to focus their individual efforts on the 20 percent that produces 80 percent of results. By thinking 80/20, we create effective teams that build on small efforts to yield greater outcomes.

"We use the 80/20 principle to clearly define responsibilities. Every task has only one 80 and multiple 20s. A qualified 20 lends support and steps in if the 80 doesn’t execute. 80/20 doesn’t just encourage focus – it is a principle of effective teamwork and leadership.” – Chief Financial Officer

Act 30/30

Encourages waste reduction of 30 percent and productivity increase of 30 percent. Simply, less waste equals more productivity.

“30/30 is the reply to the old culture of savings or cutting cost – that produces results in the short term but hinders growth in the future. Solera 30/30 is about recognizing efficiency. You have the power to improve process and reuse the additional throughput to drive toward your targets.” – Managing Director, Spain

Live 90/10

Encourages managers and associates to personally assume 90 percent accountability for team-based projects with the remaining 10 percent of accountability to colleagues. If everyone is responsible failure is not an option. We thrive together and we fail together.

“I have the exciting opportunity to lead Solera’s business in China, an emerging market full of uncertainties and unexpected opportunities. It is so much more effective – knowing I have the support and strength of a global team and can call on anyone knowing they feel accountable for my success as well as their own. That is the beauty of our 90/10 culture.” – Regional Managing Director, Greater China

Solera blends digital technologies to manage risks & assets for auto & home to give a smoother ride through life.

Solera Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:SLH) was founded by Tony Aquila in 2005 to bring about a digital evolution of the insurance industry, starting with the processing of insurance claims.

Today, Solera’s offerings bring together insurers, OEMs, dealers, SMR industry participants, and our customers' customers, creating a digital marketplace that empowers the customer to manage the entire life of their vehicle in a single platform. Solera is the best at what they do – and they’re always striving to be better and do more. Now, they have assembled a digital platform that reaches way beyond that claim, spanning the vehicle lifecycle and increasingly moving from the garage to the entire house. Solera started with an aggressive mission. And they’re not stopping there.

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