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The Technology/Human Relationship Is About To Change

Posted by M W Thursday, May 04, 2017

At AutoPoint and our sister Solera companies, we center our work around a principle we call “80/20.” Also known as the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 maxim states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

For us, that means we focus our efforts on the most important work that will produce the most beneficial results. But If you look around, you’ll see the Pareto Principle manifest itself in your own life, in everything from your social interactions to your parenting habits. 80% of your productivity, happiness, satisfaction—it all comes from 20% of your efforts.

We see the Pareto Principle represented in human/technology relationships as well. Almost all the technology tools you use today basically function as assistants. They help you work less (20% effort) to get more output (80% results). Various types of technology, from the typewriter to the DMS, have always functioned this way.

But that may be about to change.

The 80/20 Technology Flip

As technology continues to evolve, we anticipate the 80/20 human/technology ratio to reverse. With every new development, humans transition more into assistants that simply help technology produce major outputs. Where parts staff once used technology to help them inventory and locate vehicle parts, they may one day simply tell the technology which part they want and let the robots do the rest.   

While the ultimate outcome of future innovations may seem impossible to predict now, there are already some visions as to where the auto industry is headed. Most notably, autonomous technology and ride sharing trends are making waves that may reshape the way the auto industry functions and defines itself. A recent video from financial services company Morgan Stanley explores these trends from a financial standpoint. Watch the video here.  

A notable quote from the video illustrates a stark difference between the auto industry as we know it and the future: “While it may take decades to complete, we see the auto industry morphing into a public transport utility that is highly automated, highly regulated, and where the transport service itself is hyper commoditized.”

What This Means for You as an Auto Retailer

The world is about to change. You think technology has already made the industry unrecognizable? It’s nothing in the face of what’s still to come.

Autonomous driving might still be decades away, and ride sharing is still just finding its feet. But they are not the only forms of technology that could come along to change your dealership. In next week’s blog, we’ll go over some examples of technology already being used in other industries that could make the jump over to automotive—and change the way you operate. Stay tuned. 


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