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Staying Connected to Millennial Customers

Posted by Hilary Biggart Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about how to attract and retain millennial customers for sales and service. But what about staying connected when they don’t have immediate sales or service needs? After all, service intervals are longer than ever and your customers only have about six service interactions per year. Millennials tend to replace their vehicles around the 5 and 10 year marks, giving you even fewer sales interactions.

The key to shortening those service intervals and getting your customers in for a subsequent vehicle purchase is constant connection, whether they’re on your property or not. That means marketing, and when it comes to millennial customers, relevancy is essential for marketing success.

Invest in seamless technology.

Your marketing platform is one part of your larger tech tool ecosystem. There are a lot of piecemeal products floating around the market claiming to solve one business problem or another, but if you want to keep your millennial customers connected and engaged, then all your tools need to work together.

Invest in technology tools and solutions that come together to form one central command hub. Your marketing system won’t work correctly unless it’s using information from other parts of your operations. Seamless technology is what enables all the components you use for success to work together.

Drive marketing with data.

What your marketing really needs from your other tools is data. Your marketing system needs to know where your customers are in the vehicle lifecycle, when they’ll need their next service, and when they’re likely looking to purchase a new vehicle.

As we said before, marketing only works for millennial customers if it’s relevant. This generation grew up facing hundreds, if not thousands, of ads and marketing messages every day. They know how to ignore content that doesn’t apply to them. If you want your marketing to have impact, you have to use your data to deliver messages your customers actually want to receive.

Put messages where your customers will see them.

Too many dealerships rely on an imprecise barrage style of marketing. They put messages in as many places as possible and hope the right people see them. This is a waste of marketing time and money, and you’re only reaching a tiny percentage of the customers you need to.

Along with being data-driven, your marketing system needs to precisely target which customers to send messages to, and through what channels. Hyper-targeted, personalized messages and campaigns maximize your marketing dollars and your overall impact on millennial customers.

Anticipate sales needs.

Millennial customers expect companies to know what they need before they do. Telepathy for their customers’ needs and wants seems to be the ultimate goal of every tech company in the world. But this applies to dealerships as well.

Your marketing system should know from the data you already have when your millennial customers are likely to need a new vehicle. Anticipating this need allows you to market to the customer’s needs and capitalize on this opportunity, before they even start looking at your competitors.

When it comes to engagement outside the dealership, your marketing system runs the game—but it won’t be effective if it doesn’t use data properly. Invest in seamless technology and use a data-driven marketing strategy to keep your millennial customers connected from sale to service and beyond. 


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