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Hacking the Millennial Service Experience

Posted by Hilary Biggart Wednesday, August 24, 2016

So you’ve sold a millennial customer a vehicle. They’ve driven off your lot, happy in their new car or truck. Now what? How do you convert that sales customer to a service customer and launch a lifelong customer relationship?

If you want to keep your customers coming back to your service shop, to the first appointment and beyond, experience is more vital than ever. The experience you provide is what’s going to incentivize your customers to return for service again and again—especially in the face of lengthening service intervals when more than half of motorists have skipped a recommended service appointment.

The first step is getting the customer to the first appointment.

Get your online scheduler in order.

Have you ever tried setting an appointment through your online scheduling tool? It may not be as easy as you think. Especially considering millennials prefer online scheduling tools over calling to set up an appointment, and they’re more likely to make appointments through a mobile device than on a desktop browser.

That mobile part is important because if your scheduler is not mobile friendly, they’re not going to bother wrangling the screen—they’ll just go somewhere else. An appointment with your shop should be extremely easy to set up through any device.

Manage your shop flow through your scheduler.

An added bonus of an online scheduler is that it can use appropriate technology to manage your shop loading. Algorithm-based shop loading tools ensure that when your millennial customers arrive, your shop is always functioning at peak performance. They get their vehicles back faster, and you get better efficiency.

Make an impression on the drive.

When your customers arrive, your first impression matters. Don’t make them find a service advisor and tell them why they’re there. Anticipate your customers’ needs and roll out the red carpet as soon as they arrive with a service lane tool that allows your advisors to greet every customer by name and know exactly what they’re there for.

Millennials prefer personalized experiences. A service lane solution gives you a way to curate their service experience right from the beginning, before they even set foot in your shop. This type of tool also gives you a way to follow up on deferred recommendations and present custom service menus that increase sold ASRs.

Present recommendations in an empowering way.

At the end of the service visit, how are you presenting recommendations? On a handwritten paper checklist that the customer can only kind of decipher? That’s not the kind of tool that will impress millennials, and it’s actually causing you to lose out on sold ASRs.

Use an app that allows your advisors to send recommendations to customers through text or email. Millennials far prefer this way of receiving recommendations, as it allows them to educate themselves on the services you’re recommending and feel empowered in their service experience.

Plus, this method actually increases sold ASRs for you—by 300% on average.

Once you have millennial customers in your service shop, the challenge is keeping them coming back from one visit to the next. Whether or not you manage to do that comes down to the kind of experience you provide while they’re there. Make it easy for them to set up an appointment, and provide the kind of personalized service they won’t find at a competitor. That’s the kind of experience millennials prefer. 


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