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Hacking the Millennial Sales Experience

Posted by Hilary Biggart Thursday, August 18, 2016

Last week on the blog, we talked about companies millennials love, challenging the notion that millennials have no brand loyalty. They do if you can provide the right experience.

This week, we’re going to talk about what that experience is, and how you can put it to work on your sales lot to retain millennial customers right from the first purchase. However, in the fast-paced tech world millennials live in, if you want to retain them, you have to start before they even set foot on your lot.

Most millennials research purchases online before they make their buying decisions. They are more likely than their non-millennial counterparts to look up your dealership inventory and go looking for specific vehicles before you ever see them on the lot. So your dealership needs to cater to that preference. The most important tool for that? A mobile app.

Use a mobile app or site.

A mobile app or mobile-enabled site is your direct connection with your customers, including potential customers. It puts your inventory at your customers’ fingertips, giving them the freedom to browse their options and check out specific possibilities before they come into your store. And since millennials are far more likely to browse on a mobile device than a desktop computer, it’s vital that you have mobile-ready tools.

Your customers’ searches within the app or site also power your marketing. The more you know about what your customers are looking for, the better chance you have of being the one to give it to them.

Your app should be dealer-branded.

Your mobile app must be specific to your dealership, making it obvious to the customer that they are dealing with your specific business. Not any generic mobile app that allows you to display inventory will do. Your app should carry your name and image. 

Use push notifications to your advantage.

Mobile apps give you valuable access to the power of push notifications. Millennials in particular understand push notifications and respond readily to their prompts. In a sales context, if you know your potential customer has been looking at a specific vehicle, push notifications give you a medium through which to send prompts, special offers, and reminders.

Link your marketing to customer preferences.

Once you know what your customers are looking for, use that information to power your marketing efforts. Millennials respond to marketing messages that are relevant to them and put in places where they’ll see them, such as online ads and email campaigns. If those messages also include prompts or incentives to purchase the specific vehicle they’ve been researching, you have a much higher chance of snagging those prospects.

Use tech throughout the sales process.

Once you do get your customers on the lot and into a new vehicle, make technology tools a part of the sales experience. A 2015 J.D. Power study found customers reported higher satisfaction when tech was used throughout the sales process, even for things as simple as presenting a quote on a tablet instead of a piece of paper.

A tech-fueled experience, customized to fit your customers’ needs, launches the retention cycle you want to carry over to the service visit and beyond. Make your dealership as accessible to your customers via tech tools as it is when they’re standing on your property and begin the type of experience that’s going to keep them coming back. 


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