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Are you anticipating your customers’ sales needs?

Posted by Hilary Biggart Thursday, September 15, 2016

Customer experience is king. Good service has always been in important, but a comprehensive, effortless customer experience has become more vital than ever as the economy, communication methods, and technology have shifted—even in just the last few years. Most dealerships are actively investing in an improved customer experience, and if you’re not, you risk falling behind.

As you work to improve your customer experience, don’t forget about one key aspect: proactive anticipation.  The better, and earlier, you can anticipate your customers’ needs, the greater chance you have of winning their business and retaining them for life. Proactive anticipation makes you heard over the marketing noise, drives your communications, and demonstrates value to your customers.

Anticipation plays a part at every point in the customer lifecycle, but it becomes especially important when you consider sales. Increasing vehicle sales is a constant challenge and the internet represents fierce competition. But if you know when your customers want a vehicle almost as soon as they do, you gain a huge edge.

Why try to anticipate customer needs?

One word: millennials. The largest and most diverse generation in history are also about to become your biggest consumers, if they aren’t already. And where customer experience is concerned, millennials expect to be catered to. You need to know what they want even before they do.

It’s not just millennials, either. Technology companies across the nation see near-customer telepathy as the holy grail of success. And they don’t just do it for the millennials. As huge companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon work toward giving customers want they want as soon as they want it, more and more consumers will come to expect such treatment everywhere.

How to anticipate vehicle sales needs.

Proactive anticipation comes down to your marketing system. You need a data-driven system that uses both information from your DMS and offline information to track the customer lifecycle and identify times at which the customer will likely want to purchase a new vehicle. Once you know when customers want to buy a new vehicle, it’s time to make sure they choose you for their purchase.

How to draw customers in for their vehicle purchase.

Once the data tells your marketing system when to begin messaging to prospective customers, the messages themselves take over. Your marketing system should send relevant, timely campaigns to highly targeted channels that ensure your customers will get the memo.

There’s endless marketing noise out there—your marketing system has to break through. Relevant messages that appeal to their individual needs make sure they hear you and understand you have exactly what they want. What better reason to come into your dealership?

If you can actively anticipate your customer’s sales needs, almost as soon as they have them, you gain a huge edge on the competition. As part of an effortless customer experience, this kind of proactive anticipation has the power to bring customers to your sales lot and launch a lifelong customer relationship with your dealership. 


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