Appointments + ShopWatch

What’s the number one cause of unhappy customers in the service shop? Inaccurate promise times.

And what causes those? Overbooking.

You can deliver the highest quality service around, but if your overcrowded shop means your customers don’t get their vehicles back when you said they would, you’re going to have a retention problem.

Overbooking decreases your shop’s efficiency, too. So, why not just avoid it entirely?

Appointments + ShopWatch takes your shop loading to an entirely new level. The system considers a number of factors to determine your shop’s true capacity, including:

  • Number of technicians
  • Hours worked
  • Average efficiency
  • Average daily upsells
  • Average daily walk-in traffic

With this information, Appointments + ShopWatch determines how many appointments you can fit in each day. Then, it integrates with our Appointments system to fill your shop to capacity without ever overselling your hours.

Try to do that yourself, and you’ll spend all day staring at spreadsheets. Let technology handle this one.

What makes Appointments + ShopWatch even more effective?

Allows for Carryovers

The system takes carryovers into account as it books your daily appointments. And with such efficient scheduling, you’ll have fewer carryovers to deal with in the first place.

Uses DMS Op Codes

alt text

Appointments + ShopWatch pulls op code hours directly from your DMS, so all its calculations are specific to your dealership and your department.

Creates Easy Visual Layout

Your BDC, advisors, and appointment coordinators can see at a glance how full each workday and workweek will be. They’ll always be prepared for whatever your schedule throws at them.

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